Apr 23, 2020

ANZAC DAY 2020 – Distance Won’t Dampen the ANZAC Spirit

Anzac Day blog 2020 to ‘Light Up the Dawn’. Take a photo of your ‘Dawn Service’ and post it to social media so that those who have served and continue to serve us can see the support and respect for their incredible sacrifices.

Live Services – From 5:30am onwards there will be a live broadcast of the National Memorial Service from the Australian War Memorial. You can access this through RSL Facebook links or on ABCTV, iView, Radio and online and allows you to pay your respect at the same time as your local community.

Show Some ANZAC Mateship – with so many alone during this time of isolation, it’s a great time to reach out and ‘check in’ on someone who would appreciate hearing from a mate.

Donateag币游网址 – the ANZAC Online Appeal is a vital element in continuing its support to Australian veterans and their families.

Agri Labour Australia strongly believes in supporting our ex servicemen and women. We look forward to continuing our activity on the which assists in transitioning veterans into new and meaningful careers within the exciting Australian agriculture industry.

Lest We Forget

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