Agri Labour Australia provides recruitment services exclusively for the agriculture industry.
Life and work on the land is what our team knows best and is most passionate about.
We are one of the only specialist recruitment firms in Australia with a sole focus on agriculture.

Proven track record

ag币游网址 Since launch, Agri Labour Australia has sourced thousands of agricultural staff for agricultural operations nationwide.

ag币游网址 Each year, our team assembles multi-skilled crews for sites across the country.

We have successfully deployed agricultural workforces in the most remote corners of regional Australia, demonstrating a unique ability to achieve the impossible.

Our candidate-sourcing streams are local, national and global.

In-depth agriculture industry knowledge

We provide workforce solutions year-round for our clients.

Our team has experienced the complexities and dynamics of each agricultural commodity first-hand.

The logistics of getting commodities from paddock to plate involves unique operations and challenges. We understand this better than anyone.

Any area, any skill set

Whether you need short-term semi-skilled staff, long-term skilled staff or a full-time executive in a permanent role, we can assist.

ag币游网址 Our reliable network of skilled and unskilled candidates have what it takes to contribute to a fully optimised workforce.

Many of our people have practical experience working on a variety of agricultural sites around Australia.

ag币游网址 Having a large pool of candidates allows us to retain candidates with in-demand skills and move crews from one project to the next in a short time frame.

ag币游网址 This satisfies our clients seeking people who can hit the ground running, and our candidates who wish to work continuously throughout the year.

This approach ultimately reduces training costs and increases productivity.

We find staff when no one else can

ag币游网址 In the agriculture industry, we have built a reputation for successfully staffing even the most challenging of sites and projects.

Experience has made us acutely aware of the obstacles our clients face in finding the right people.

Our people streams are local, national and international. With our global networks and powerful digital reachag币游网址 , we can respond quickly to your short or long-term staffing request.

ag币游网址 Our promise is to successfully staff your project – no matter how large or complex.

Upfront and accountable

ag币游网址 When you work with Agri Labour Australia, you have a team with extensive agricultural experience at your disposal.

ag币游网址 We have a broad understanding of operational requirements in the agriculture industry, and we specialise in finding candidates to fill all positions.

ag币游网址 Our extensive performance matrixes hold everyone we’re responsible for – including the staff we place – to account.

ag币游网址 We are aware of all the factors that must be considered for a successful performance matrix, and those areas where leeway can be provided.

ag币游网址 This allows us to maximise productivity and performance for the good of your operation.

We know the agricultural mindset

Years of working alongside agribusiness owners, farmers and operators has given us an understanding of the unique agricultural mindset.

ag币游网址 Our founders are from Goondiwindi in Country Queensland. They were brought up with a deep respect for the land and agriculture.

This is reflected in our company values. It is also passed down in training to the people who join our team and the staff who become part of your team.

ag币游网址 Over the past decade, it’s been a privilege getting to know the people who represent every cog in the agriculture chain.

We know this is an industry where people are everything. With so much growth and advancement happening right now, it’s an exciting time to be in agriculture.

Across all agricultural industries

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